Piney Point Resort

1093 Piney Point Rd.
Spring City, TN 37381
Phone: (423) 365-6262
Number of sites = 12

Nestled in the Tennessee River valley between the Cumberland Plateau and the Great Smokies, we offer comfort, convenience and great fishing at modest rates.

Our comfortable cabins are fully equipped with heat, air conditioning, linens, dishware, cooking utensils, coffee makers, etc.

Boats and motors, launching ramp, modest recreational facilities are all available for your use and enjoyment. The oldest of the guests have been gracing our family-friendly camp with their presence for more than half a century!!

Whether you are into quiet introspection, passive recreation or fast and furious fishing, Piney Point will satisfy your most demanding standards. Large-mouth bass have really made a come back since the 15-inch minimum was established; as have the small-mouth bass thanks to an 18-inch minimum. Folks, these fish put up one heck of a fight. We also have a great bream and bluegill fishery, and our guests have been known to catch 50-pound catfish right from the back on some of our coves.

We have anglers that come from as far away as Iowa, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and even South Alabama. We would love to have you spend some time with us.

Easily accessible by paved road, here is a great spot for the next reunion of class or family. Enjoy the option of participating in group activity or retreating to the privacy of your cabin.

"Whatever floats your boat" (including boating on Watts Bar Lake), Piney Point will gratify and satisfy your most demanding standards.